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dbmtrman 12/18/2007 04:38 PM

Monster Leather
I have a huge leather that is about 18 to 20 inches in diameter. I want to propagate it, but am not sure how much I can cut off. Is cutting around the disc a valid way of making the leather smaller? I have seen videos where they cut the leather right down the middle, through the head and stem, and it still lived. Just not sure I could do that.

It definately has outgrown my 120. Suggestions on how best to go about making it smaller?

rustybucket145 12/18/2007 05:58 PM

You can pretty much cut a leather any way you want and it will be fine. I've chopped up several. The first few I took my time and made precise and exact cuts.... Now I just chop them up into cubes, doesn't seem to matter. For the mother you can actually cut the entire head off with no adverse effects. In less than a couple of weeks you will begin seeing polyps coming out of the end of the stalk.

Good Luck!! With an 18"-20" diameter leather you're gonna get a million babies :D

bobbet43 12/18/2007 06:35 PM

i know you mean, i have 1 that about 14 inches. it needs to be chopped but the only problem is that it is attached to 4 different rocks, which makes taking it out of the tank almost impossible. my plan is to cut several pieces off at a time and allow time for healing, thus , i don't have to much of a slime issue

reef rico 01/12/2008 12:37 AM

This helped me out alot!


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