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Originally Posted by Bagabaga View Post
maybe its all just impatience. I want to have more millepora and montipora digitata but I just don't have money. I'd like to buy big colonies and just paste them In the tank and call it a day.

I can maintain coral color's I just can't spark fast growth, or any growth for that matter, it all seems to happen in spurts and sputters, I try to maintain the parameters stable and it somehow gets out of hand.

Maybe I need to just hang out with more reef keepers in my area and make friends.
Believe me, you'll have growth. Just keep parameters in line, don't mess with too much at once, and you'll get growth.

Sorry you've had trouble and it's been a rough and sometimes disappointing road. I definitely know the feeling. I'm pretty rejuvenated from having an experienced tank maintenance guy come by and do some work (removing bubble algae) and having him make some suggestions on ways to improve my tank. You could have some local reefers come by and make recommendations (though they'd likely recommend going slow and steady ).

Where are you located? If you were in the NYC area, I'd be happy to throw you some corals (pieces to fill your tank, if you wanted).

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