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Originally Posted by fishdip22 View Post
I really don't think its just Colorado I have noticed there is a new trend with coral every one thinks they can make money selling them. Just a few years back if you wanted a frag thank you had to go custom now they are for sale at most stores.
Yeah, it's good and bad. It stinks that people don't really want to trade, because everyone has everything that everyone else wants, so they just want to sell (which I'm fine with, if you're charging $5-15, but charging more than that is a little :-/ )

It's good because there's availability of stuff everywhere, and it's usually pretty reasonably priced. I bought almost entirely "named" corals for my tank, a few favorite ORAs, some Larry Jacksons, some Tubbs, and some other really awesome stuff and probably spent less than $500 (which sounds like a ton, but I think I started with 30ish corals, so that's not much money all things considered). When mine were growing a lot, I was selling and trading frags, usually $5-15.

The hobby has exploded since I started in it about 10+ years ago. I honestly think it didn't grow much until the early 2000s and then exploded. Between 1975 and 2001 I doubt there were that many advances. Maybe some extra bulb and pump choices, but generally it was the same stuff, or it changed from VHO to MH+VHO. Now there's SO MUCH STUFF available, including DIY, and some even based on great DIY pioneer work too.

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