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Originally Posted by Bagabaga View Post
Absolutely getting more common and easier to be a reef keeper nowadays. I was around when halides and vho were standard and super expensive options. Also around during a site called fish geeks was super popular (dead site now) and I kept low tech planted tanks and aggressive freshwater fish.

Kept mostly fowlr tanks until I was 18, then I kept mushroom corals zoas and other cheap easy corals.

Named corals is a huge step backward in our hobby it makes these special animals seem so engineered. These creatures are amazing in all rights of the world. almost too special for our glass boxes.

This hobby has a high rate or failure compared to others. Maybe I need to wait until everything settles down. I love my fish and corals though and will continue to fill my box up.

I want some more frogspawn and hammers in different colors. I'm kind of over the sps bug right now. I just can't seem to keep them for long anyway. And if hey are around they don't grow much.
Its not just named corals even corals you could get for free like star/xenia is now 5-10.00 for a little frag. I think the internet is also a down follow of the reefing community in a way. It use to be come over and talk tanks and trade some corals back and forth along with ideas. now its I will sell you a few corals in the Walmart parking lot and if you want to talk about or see my tank go on the form.

An aquarium is just a submarine for fish.
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