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i just noticed you replied in this thread to my question. the Acan has died unfortunately and i had one of my leathers have a small bit of bleaching. i believe i have found out the cause of my ammonia issue. with some luck the bio filter will come back into balance before anything eles in the tank suffers.

my water parameters are good otherwise
nitrate 0
phosphate 0(phos-zorb)
calcium 400-425
kh i believe was 12 when i checked a week ago
sg is 1.024
temp 77-79
lights one daylight one 460nm one 420nm (new lights)
canister filter cleaned bi-weekly
water changes 10-20% weekly

live stock:
snail(profile pic)
6 other snails
skunk shrimp
sea hare
coral beauty
2 toadstool leathers
2 paly colonies
small pulsing Xenia
small branching hammer
small ricordia(spelling?) mushroom
2 green mushrooms
lots of feather dusters and spaghetti worms
think that's it.

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