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goniopora/flower pot coral care tips

thinking of stepping up my collection of corals and get a goniopora. i want some tricks that u gonio freaks know and how to sustain them. from my research i have learnt that goniopora need to be fed and to stay far away from the stokesi variety as they have a bad rep. Also goniopora seem to like nutrient rich water from what it seems like but i need specifications on nutrient rich as in detectable no3.? if this helps this is my current coral stock in my 125g

SOFTIES-finger,cauli and toadstool leathers,xenia,mushrooms,ricordea,zoas, gsp ,button polyps
LPS-frogspawn,two hammers(soft ball and football sized),open brain,acans, favites,torch,bubble , blastos,
SPS- monti
NPS- sun corals(black and orange)
and a huge squamosa and my RBTA

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