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Pics attached

Yeah, I thought of that, that a pic might help. Sorry about that..

O.k. I'm posting 3 pics. 2 of the coral with the questionable health, and 1 of the hair mushrooms that are doing really awesome.

See attached pics. Sorry if some are upside down. I took them with my BB and can never figure out which way is upside down.

as to the lighting, the tank is a 55 gallon. I have a coralife 10k actinics light. It contains 4 Ushaped (twin) bulbs. Each is rated at 65 watts. The person I got it from said the light is rated for a 90 gallon tank and he used it on his 90 gallon for a long time.

So, I would think the lighting is sufficient. Correct me if i'm wrong though.


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