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Ok, looking for suggestions.

QT background, it is a 20 gallon long with water from my DT. It has heater, pvc tube, HOB filter with bio wheel and bare bottom. Also has ammonia alert in it. I assume the wheel section will turn color if it's at that level. Mine has not turned any color yet, but the package said could take a few days to register.

I have a new 140 gallon tank with 1 yellow wrasse and a cleanup crew. I have 3 lyretail antheas in QT since Tuesday. They came from LA/DD and look great and have been eating frozen mysis since day 1.

Do I just
1. observe them for 4 to 6 weeks and put them in DT
2. treat with Prazi in QT using prescribed methods and put in DT
3. treat with cuprimine in QT using prescribed methods and put in DT
4. treat with both in QT and put in DT

I have read through everything, just looking for a consensus I guess.



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