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HELP.. concerned that my two Clown Fish have Ick

We have multiple small breed fish in out tank. Our two clown fish seem to have light white spots on them *looks like sand*. A year ago I had an ick problem and did the copper treatment and lost two fish. The one fish who originally had the ick was relieved of the ick. We have been having good fortune with a healthy tank that I felt comfortable adding more fish. Today my Black/White Clown and Orange Clown have these light spots. The Black/White on was behind out large rock..BUT did come out to eat and they are both swimming together. Every once awhile they swim erratically. I need to get an quarantine tank. I heard that bringing up the temperature can help. We are currently at 78 degrees with no change in temperature yet. We have 2 Fire Fish, Forktail Blenny, Algae Blenny, 3 PJ's, Yellow Clown Goby, Royal Gramma, Kaudern's Cardinal, 2 Large Emerald Crabs, 2 Turbo Snails, and Hermit Crabs. I am concern if I do the treatment.. it might hurt one them. Please HELP!!

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