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1) The silencer is upside down, short hose attaches to the pump.

2) The grinding with the air closed off is normal, the vacuum created pulls the impeller into the impeller housing.

3) The noise from speed increase is not normal, the red part of the bushing should be even so only the lip is above the plastic, I would try to seat both with a firm push. If the noise persists, let me know and we send a new impeller set.

4) I assume the cup retainers were not modified? The cup fits very tight in 4 protrusions to prevent the cup from rattling, I have seen people cut these off and they are a deliberately engineered part. If these were not removed or cut down, I would assume the noise is one of the following:

1) The lid is rattling, this usually has a higher pitch in my experience, but it is a possibility. Make sure the lid is secured.

2) The skimmer is rattling on the base, make sure the rubber feet were installed.

3) The silencer has water in it, this tends to result in a coffee maker like noise (percolating) it is similar but not quite what I heard. The silencer will tend to get water in it if the skimmer is foaming over and short of removing it and draining it, it takes a few days to clear on its own.

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