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Originally Posted by ReefRescue View Post
I have tried fauna Marin ultra LPS grow pellets, and I did a lab test a few years ago and the ingredients and the content result was the same if not better than what's claimed on the packaging. I have been using it along with other pellets such as Spectrum and Formula. And it seems to have the best response by all corals overall. And the one that were not eating anything else would actually eat the Fauna Marin pellets.

Alb_56 have you tried feeding any of your corals?
That's funny because I tried the Fauna Marin Ultra LPS pellets as well a few years ago side-by-side on frags of corals from the same rescued colony along with Spectrum and Formula Two. The corals did not react as well to the FM pellets (they did not extend tentacles as fast, eat as much, or recover as quickly as the ones fed the other foods.) Granted, this was a tiny sample with lots of uncontrolled variables, but I wasn't happy with the FM pellets I tried.

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