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Are these anchor worms?

Hey guys, so i've had a few tangs in quarantine for a little more than a month (2 weeks prazi pro and now on day 18 of cupramine with some metro soaked food every now and then) and everything is going great except today i noticed small translucent specks on the hippo tang. Its definitely not crypto(im working on getting a decent picture) but looks pretty close. They are tiny white "translucent" specks that poke out from his body. Theyre pretty hard to see unless you knew they were there.(also not velvet) I've qted my fair share of fish and have yet to come across this. Until i can get a picture, does anybody have a guess what it could be? After searching around im thinking anchor worms or a prazi resistant strain of fluke? The fish is still eating but is scratching frequently. None of the other tangs are showing these signs thus far. My plan right now is to carry on with the cp treatment for another 2 weeks, then 3 more rounds of prazi and maybe dose the tank with metro afterwards instead of feeding it. Any suggestions are appreciated. Ill go work on getting this picture

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