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Originally Posted by JustinM View Post
I can't see anything in the picture. How is your tang eating in QT? Any chance it is the beginning of HLLE? If they are worms, I would recommend a FW dip to confirm and to provide a little more comfort. Hopefully this will dislodge them or weaken them.

If it is an anchor worm, it seems Dylox is the recommended route to take. I would catch him and see if you are able to pull anything off of him or observe and see if it is the beginning of HLLE.
Thanks for the response Justin. All of the tangs are eating great including the hippo. I feed a clip of seaweed in the morning and a mix of rods,mysis, and pellets throughout the day. Hes gained a decent amount of weight since i got him.

He does seem to have what looks to be the beginning of hlle on his face which i think is being caused by the copper or its just scratches from the flashing but the spots on the side are something different.
The spots protrude from the body almost like hes covered in a bunch of tiny hairs.

Im going to keep an eye on him a little longer before I try to manual remove because the fish is only 1.5" so its pretty small and would be difficult to handle. Ill try a fw dip if the fish starts going down hill. Lights are on soon so ill check him out. Thanks

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