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Originally Posted by olemiss reb View Post
You've obviously never had O. fulgidas. Traps aren't efficient enough, you'll never catch one with tongs.

I've had fulgidas in two tanks. Tank #1- I essentially hit reset- drained tank, replaced all rock and sand. cleaned out sump and plumbing. Fulgida free but a massive pita and somewhat expensive replacing all sand and rock.

Tank #2- Added 2 C regius and let them hunt. The first couple of mornings the cones were covered in the fulgidas tell tale mucus. Thought the worms got the upper hand on the snail. Put on gloves to remove it and sure enough the cone was still kicking. They've been in there a few months now. Haven't seen a single fulgida during red light inspections and traps are pulling nothing but E. complanata.

One of mine

It's not getting through these gloves--
No I havent had that worm, but getting the cone snail species mixed up can be a bad deal, using a cone snail is definitely crafty but I would never recommend someone to get one unless they are experienced, lets say the source mis IDs one and you don't notice its, say C. geographus? you could end up in serious trouble, not to mention they can weaponize insulin and kill all your fish.

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