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Just want to make sure you guys know there are species in the conus genus that can be extremely medically significant if you get harpooned, one species that I mentioned before that is a fish eating species has such a powerful, fast acting venom that it can supposedly put a person into cardiac arrest in less than a few mins, hence why locals call it the cigarette snail. Really need to be careful when dealing with this genus.

The fish eating species of this genus can be deadly, which makes sense, this is a snail that eats fish primarily but it is a slow moving snail, so nature/evolution equipped it with a very fast acting potent neurotoxin that acts very rapidly, it can paralyze your diaphragm and heart very quickly.
Like I said crafty way of natural control if you get the correct species, if you are supplied the wrong one and are not adept at conus sp. ID you could be setting yourself up for a very dangerous, potentially life threatening situation.
Please be very cautious using this method of natural eradication, do not recommend to those with little experience.

My .02

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