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I can't see any spots either. Jdub969 is right about the dosage. you want to use 2ml/g which should hopefully put you in the vicinity of 1.75-2.0 which is where you want to be.
keep it constant for 14 days and then you can transfer the fish to a brand new clean qt tank and observe. Nothing from the first tank should be transferred to the new tank except the fish.
Also in your pick I see rocks and sand. Keep in mind that they will absorb some of the copper and change the copper levels in the tank which is not good. Bare bottom qt with just PVC pipes for the fish to hide is the best. you can put a small dish with some sand in it for the wrasse if you need to.

300g with velocity t4 for return and a Reflo dart on a closed loop, T5 lights & SRO3000 skimmer.

Current Tank Info: 300g
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