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I followed the corrected dosage as posted on forum. 1.5 was my goal. The photos won't pick it up but they are there. Perhaps it's another type of parasite. I have not used prazi yet. It's like slimecoat damage. I wish I had dslr type camera to pick up the spots. He is very active, he does not like me looking at him. He rams the Glass when I stare to long. I hope this does not foreshadow his temper going into the tank. He does not bother the small wrasse that's with him though. Well if the skin should have healed then either copper was not successful or it's another type of issue. I'm in no rush to add him to DT. The wrasse has been in quarantine for 2 months. I felt the flasher is to small to add. Tang may be the same way.

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