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Thanks, Karim. I'm glad you were amused. I must admit, I amused myself writing it. But it is my opinion, based on my own experience. I've tested and probed with the best of them, when I was inexperienced and searching for answers. Nowadays I rely on my giant head…

"Symptoms can be common across different sources of problems. Data can be wrong, misinterpreted, or just exhibit error - but measurement (and measurement error) is part of any feedback loop."

Whoosh! That's the sound of your above statements going right over my head. I have no idea what you meant to say. Can you dumb it down a little?

Sam.basye, I think I know what you mean. I too have been seduced by some very professional looking bottles…

As many naturalists and environmentalists have suggested, we should set aside our arrogance,
our desire to conquer and control everything, and walk hand in hand with Mother Nature. -Walter Adey

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