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Mix reef tank only on Aquaforest products.
Probiotic Reef Salt 10% WC every week with BioS 10drops., ProbioS, -Nppro as recommended. AF Energy, Vitality (every other day 1/2 of recommended) Build ans Aminomix as recommended.
Life source. Life BioFil Full AF 150 Media Reactor. ZeoMix, Carbon, Phosphate Minus mixed in second AF 150. Iodium, Kalium , Strontium when needed (ICP testing). Component 1,2,3+ dosing base on water testing by Aquaforest Pro - Tests or ICP.
Food for fish Aquaforest expert line for tang , anthias, marine Mix and clips Vege and Calanidae. Plankton Elixir. Light T5 8x54W and led 3x75W
Main parameters Salinity 35ppt ,Kh 8, Ca 425, Mg 1260, K 380 , PO4 0,04 , NO3 4-5...

Wysłane z mojego WAS-LX1 przy użyciu Tapatalka

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