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Thanks for the reply.

I came today to find the one Clown's side too be covered in a white slim like substance. The other Clown has a bit showing now.

I ran to Petsmart (15 mins before closing) and bought a 2 gallon tank setup ( it's all the had under 30 gallons), a heater, and Marineland All-In-one-Remedy. They didn't have much for medicine.

I fed the Clowns and then setup the 2 Gallon Hospital. I decided to try Freshwater dipping the Clown in more of a critical condition. To my surprise a 5 minute freshwater dip removed all white substance from him and he began to swim more normally. I did the same with the other Clown and then put both in the Hospital.

I added the required dosage of the Marineland Medication will continue as suggested on the container for 5 days. I feel a bit better about my two new friends having a fighting chance. I really hope they pull through this.

Any other suggestions? I can't seem to find the anti-bacteria you suggested, at least locally. Would I have time if I ordered from online?

Here are a could pictured of what I came home to find.

Thanks Again

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