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Originally Posted by Quiverfull View Post
So you proactively treat even though you do not see anything wrong? The time frame for me is not an issue. I just read on some of the earlier posts that 2 weeks was the minimum. I am OK with 6 weeks but was not going to treat with medications unless I saw something go wrong.
The only medication I proactively administer is Prazipro, as it is gentle on fish and fluke infections are relatively common in marine fish. I also put all new acquisitions through tank transfer method (TTM) to eliminate the possibility of Cryptocaryon infections. Cryptocaryon can often go unnoticed, as fish can carry subclinical infections and don't display physical symptoms. For all other diseases (Amyloodinium, Brooklynella, bacterial etc.), I treat only when symptoms are present.

It all comes down to how risk-averse you are. Personally, I'd rather remove the most common diseases from the equation and be prepared for the others.


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