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Another great document, short only 10 pages. It was written by Walter Adey, Phd, Jeffrey Bannon, MESM and Longenecker and Associate.

My favorite quotes and highlights

"it is important to note that this is a modular system, capable of expanding to any size."

I don't think they realized how small we would take it...

"A 2005 independent study of ATS, by the South Florida Water Management District and the IFAS Institute of the University of Florida, certified ATS as 5-100 times more cost efficient at removing nutrients from Everglades canal waters than the next competitor, the STA, a managed marsh system."

a marsh looks a lot like a refuge doesn't it?

"ATS and STA were the final contestants in a 15-year study of nine technologies, and ATS was the only technology that created a usable byproduct."

We are green both literately and figuratively!

"ATS removes heavy metals, break down toxic hydrocarbons, and oxygenates treated waters."

...but we already knew that...

"Depending upon season and temperature, the resulting algal turf must be harvested every 5-15 days to maintain high levels of productivity."

I have reason to believe that my system may benefit from a 5 day cleaning cycle. I will soon began testing this theory. I notice the algae on day 6 and 7 darken considerably. Yet on day 5 it is bright green in color.

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