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Originally posted by NanoGurl
I'm going with a 120g =)

Not sure what the overflow gph is on that one... it's the Oceanic 120 Tech.

Is there a good return pump that I could use pvc to connect back to the tank instead of the clear flexible tubing? I want something more secure, but no idea how to connect it to the return bulkhead.

Thanks for the info!!
120 was my second guess, I couldn't remember.

So you'll want between 360 and 600gph going through your skimmer.

How big are the drain lines on the overflow? I can't find the GPH for that tank.

Anyways, I am a big fan of Mag Drive pumps, and they can of course be hard plumbed without any problems. I'm like you, I'd never trust that clear plastic hose with a hose clamp on my tank.

Are you looking to get an internal (submerged) return, or an external one?
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