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Originally Posted by mndfreeze View Post
If you rely purely on asterina's your shrimp will eventually starve to death because there isn't enough food on each asterina to sustain them for the amount of time spent hunting. People have had them starve to death in tanks with plenty of asterina left to eat. You really need to be providing them larger stars.
Yes this 100%... they don't eat the whole star... they only eat the feet. Asternia don't have enough meat to sustain them.
I hear if you keep more than 1 chocolate chip star (like 6 or something) and always rotate which one looses a leg, you'll never have to buy another star. But I am not a expert, in fact far from it. I've never owned a harlequin because I hate the idea of cutting legs off a live star. You can also cut a whole star up and keep it in the freezer feeding 1 leg at a time.

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