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Okay, I have kinda a weird situation...

I came down to service my 300 and 250SM last friday and noticed my 300 had "foamed" over the cup and started to drain into the sump. I saw the night before it was very close to the top of the collection cup anyway, but thought I could wait until morning. Well that was an easy fix and clean-up. But once I got the 300 all cleaned and put back together it was constantly over-flowing...Basically like a very wet skim. All the settings stayed the same and this was the result. It would fill the collection cup every 15 seconds with tank water. I then tried to adjust the air pipe and nothing seemed to work. I even adjusted the pump a few turns in or out...nothing. All the while, the 250 SM was working just fine (nice, brownish-black skimmate)...It is also in the same sump (different chamber). Then, I proceeded to remove the 300 from the sump and clean both pumps, collection cup neck, body, and both air pipes...Then the 300 seemed to be working for 10 minutes (by that I mean was not overflowing into the collection cup), but then all of a sudden go nuts and overflow. I even shut it off for 2 days and then pugged it back in...Still volcano of wet saltwater. I did notice that the bigger pump was sucking water very hard (compared to the same pump on the 250). So I am kinda stumped as to what is wrong. Any suggestions?

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