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Originally Posted by Chasmodes View Post
Great topic Taricha and answering post Michael, thank you. I'm certainly taking note of this. I have much to learn. Thanks also for the link Subsea.

Also, McPuff, I like the idea of the TTM method and I think that is what my approach will be when I transfer my critters to the big tank. I may do it sooner.
I hadn't ever done it until just over a year ago when I added 3 tangs to my display. Knowing they are prone to ich, I decided it was worth the effort. Turned out to be very easy! And knowing the fish are FREE of ich really settles the nerves. After that you can treat for other parasites using whatever methods (perhaps even in the DT if necessary). I didn't have a proper QT set up back then so some medication was sent via foods and the fish have done great. Now, I'm opting to do the extra medications (prazi, metro) in a designated QT. This has also proven to be quite simple, and has allowed my tiny fish to grow quite nicely in their own private house. :0)

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