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Yes, macro takes up copper. When I was developing market for the human consumption of Rec Ogo, Gracilaria Parvispora, I sent ogo to an agriculture lab in Nebraska for chemical analysis:

Nitrogen at 2.59%
Phosphorus at 0.082%
Potassium at 13.54%
Calcium at 0.555%
Magnesium at 1.163%
Sulfur at 4.8%
Zinc at 138 ppm
Iron at 107 ppm
Manganese at 20 ppm
Copper at 7.0 ppm

While these numbers do not line up with Redfield Ratio 106/16/1 of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, I have been educated on that point of recent. Professor Jerry Brand is Director for Algae Culture Collection with Molecular Bioscience Dept. at UT. It is the largest algae collection in the world, includes fresh and marine algae’s. Because most plants, including seaweed can store nutrients when available, then retrieve them from their biomass when deficient in water column, macro nutrient uptake will depend on what is in the water.

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