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Apex - Tank Losing Power

For the last several weeks, all outlets lose power to my tank for a few seconds then comes back on.

Sump - AWM and EB8
Tank - AI Hydra Lights, Tunze pumps, DC8

When this happens, my return pump shuts down, my lights turn off, and my Tunze pumps shut down. About 3 seconds later, everything powers back up.

The sump (basement) and the tank (living room) are on 2 different circuits. No other lights in the house flicker. There were no programming changes in the past year or so.

Are there any troubleshooting steps that I can follow? I cant seem to find a "System up time" in the menus. It almost seems like my AWM is rebooting but I can't get to the sump in the basement quick enough to catch it.

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