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Originally posted by elegance coral
It's all good I'm tired of seeing all these Elegance corals collected just to die in someones tank. I wish they would stop importing these corals from Indonesia all together. I have a system set up just for these Indonesian Elegance corals and it still takes me 2 or 3 years to get one healthy. I can buy an Aussie and it will be healthy from day one. Why would anyone buy an Indonesian Elegance?

Here's a few more pics of mine.

My wife's tank. Don't look at the cyno . She thinks the fish will starve if there isn't food floating around in the tank for 30 minutes a day.
These are Aussie

This is an Indo.

Why would anyone want to buy an Indo when they can get an Aussie?
hey elegance---how is my elegance doing since the last time I posted--waiting to hear from the mentor

I prefer my substrates stirred but not shaken

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