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Originally Posted by ReefRescue View Post
How much flow do you have in the tank?
Where is the coral sitting with respect to the flow
In the picture I can't be clear if it's bleaching as well?
You said that the shrimp was harassing it. What where you feeding it?
How long has it been since it started declining?
I have two Tunze 6025, so around 24-27x the turnover rate taking into account the return. The coral is right in the middle of the tank and receives moderate indirect flow. It appears some of it is bleaching, but just the center most head. I cannot see the mouth of that head, just a very small side of it that still inflates a bit each day. I sometimes see a few feeding tentacles come out.

I was feeling the coral pellets and mysis. I also have reef chili. The shrimp was fed pellets and wafers and of course whatever else he found. I would say the shrimp was well fed but just figured out there is always good there. Even after the mouth was closed, he would wander over and harass the coral to open its mouth and steal the food from each polyp.

It has been declining now just going on two weeks I'd say. I realized it was the shrimp when I witnessed him do this about a week ago. Took a few days to get him out though.

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