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Originally Posted by Uncle99 View Post
The problem we had with pots or clay pieces is once removed, parent care stops as well. Up to the point of hatching, the parents provide care in oxygenating the eggs and removing the bad ones so they do not hamper the good ones. We also seemed to have less irregularities, which we attributed to the parents picking out the "bad ones" but can't prove that. Good timing mitigates this issue.

While fanning can be done with an airstone, it can be a difficult balance and picking out bad ones cannot be done.

By allowing the fry to hatch without interference and swim naturally towards the light, we maximized the amount of fry we got especially when the hatch was a two night affair.

Our simple partitioning, is virtually automatic in separating parents from fry, with very little loss. We use identical setups for breeding cleaner shrimps. The fry run to the light after hatching, egg sacks keep them alive till morning, then we just remove the parents, the partition, and what's left is a fry tank, just start the rotifer flow.

Our fry never see a hand or net until metamorphisis has completed, at this point they transfer quite well.
I usually removed the pot with the nest just before the light was to go out on the night they would hatch and my hatch rates were generally 99 to 100%. At that point, picking out bad ones by the parents is no longer critical. Even if I took it out a day too early the hatch success was at around the same rate.
I got between 300 and 600 percula and ocellaris juveniles through metamorphosis and to a 1 cm length per hatch. With clarkii it were over a thousand.
So I would think that it works quite well if done right.

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