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Originally Posted by njudson View Post
Hey everybody - getting back into the hobby after a few years away with an IM Nuvo Fusion 25 gallon. This will be my third reef tank but my first time with a nano. The dimension of this tank are pretty cool: 24"x ~17" x 11.5" really liking how it looks so far. The plan is to keep things simple on this NYC apartment tank and reuse some stuff I have around from my old 60g cube. Going without sand or a skimmer for now. I want to stock clowns and BTAs probably with some softies like gsp or xenia.

Equipment List:
IM Nuvo 25
Jebao PP4
Radion Pro
Cobalt Neotherm 100w heater
(ATO to be added when I can find a used on for sale)

Using ESV salt and a Spectrapure 90gpd RODI

Just got the RODI yesterday and am picking up some LR from a local reefer on Sat. Will bump this thread with some pics and updates as I go - haven't seen too many Nuvo 25 builds out there.
I really like the look of the NUVO 25 and can't wait to see how your's turns out. Mind if I ask why you aren't putting any sand in? Looking at getting a tank started at work and have been following different threads on how people are doing nano tanks.

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