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They are a warm water species (72-78F), from the Caribbean. They can grow to about 30 inches long, mostly arm length. They need to be kept in a 55-75 gallon tank, the larger the better to give them plenty of room to stretch out. They eat crabs, shrimp, snails. Nocturnal, but can adapt to daytime life. Blue/green with mottled red and white coloration.

Provide lots of strong filtration, about 3 times more than the average tank, because octopuses produce MUCH more waste than fish. Carbon and a good skimmer are suggested in case of an ink incident.

O. briareus is a large-egg octopus species, and their hatchlings can be raised on copepods/amphipods/mysis shrimp.

Hope that helps.

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Current Tank Info: 60 gallon cube, w/ 30 gallon sump, octopus-proof lid. Dry for now.
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